Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just keep swimming...Just keep swimming...Just keep swimming...

How cute are they??They're all the way down at the end. How cute are all those kids with all those floaties on their backs?

Look at that beautiful blue water!

Ella and Myles started swimming lessons this week. We were at the pool on Friday and noticed a sign up that said swimming lessons were starting on Monday so we signed the kids up. Luke is a little too young to start the class. When you're 3, you have to have a parent there with you in the water. I couldn't be at the class everyday so Luke didn't get to do it this year. (Stop your booing and hissing at me, people! There's always next year! Yeesh!)

They love it! At dinner each night, Ella has been practicing holding her breath. I have to keep telling her "more eating and less holding your breath!"

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