Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The official Halloween party pics

We had a photobooth for the party this year constructed and ran by my friend, Randi.  It was awesome.  True story.  See also below.

Ella was a vampire girl.  Makeup courtesy of Aunt Robin.
Ella and her friend that she invited to the party.

3 ninjas talkin weapons and stuff (L to R: Landon,
Luke, and Jason)

Ella and Chase

Jeff, Robin, Myles, and Chase

Santa made a visit (Cameron)

Troy dressed as the Hulk
Friends acting goofy

Aron's parents

Luke and his friend, Sam, acting tough

Aunt Annie, Uncle Kevin, and Benny

Connie and Sam

Scary ninjas: L to R Luke, Gavin,
and Landon

Luke and Landon

Robin's parents


Our neighbor friends


Aron and me

Jay, Abbie, and Stacy


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Gram said...

She is the cutest vampire girl ever. And Luke is a cute "Dork"; your words not mine.