Sunday, October 07, 2012

I guess I've got runners on my hands...

The kids participated in their first "race" today by running in a one mile fun run.  We didn't really think that they would run it so we dressed them in jeans.  Sorry kids. 

Pre-race face off

Chase (yellow vest) decided to race Aron.

I didn't actually see them finish because they blew past me at about the 100 yard marker so I made them reenact it for me.  No, I'm not lying about the reenactment.  Stop laughing.
Far left in the grey jacket is Luke, next is Chase in the yellow, Ella is next in the purple jacket and Myles is bringing up the rear in the black.

In the end, Luke was in first and Ella second. 

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Gram said...

Cute runners, indeed! Couldn't be I'm partial, could it???