Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Review: Cliff's notes version

 This upper-middle class guy gives away all his stuff and money while severing his ties to family to travel around the U.S. in the early 90's.  He's all earthy and free know, like a chicken or what not.  He overestimated his abilities and met his untimely demise in the Alaskan wilderness.  It's nonfiction but is written like fiction by piecing together his wanderings from interviews with those he encountered, his diary, and pics from his camera.  Quick read and pretty decent.  Recommended for young men 18-25, those in transitions phases in life, and chickens (duh).

This book got a lot of press a few years ago when it was spotted in Posh Spice's hand.  I found it to be just OK and was more of a vehicle for veganism.  Although I have dabbled in vegetarianism (it was in college and everyone else was doing know, like dressing goth or being a Republican), I found I could do without the blatant propaganda clothed in the form of a health book.  Recommended for beginner vegetarians looking to get shamed into being vegan.

 This is the second book of the Lorien Legacy books.  The first one was moderately ok.  This one I would say was minimally ok.  It had a hurriedly written feeling with little to no finesse.  There are bad aliens still after the good aliens.  They fight on earth but humans manage to not notice.  Not really recommended unless you need a palate a lime sorbet between courses.

This was our book club selection for the month.  It was pretty decent.  Basically, it's a couple of star-crossed teenagers with cancer.  I'll not tell you how it ends although you could probably figure it out.  Recommended for those processing deaths from cancer or if you need a good cry because you just realized that your son is the male Honey Boo Boo.

Here's my current read.  I don't usually do very well with reading Christian-based books (I was unable to finish The Purpose Driven Life) but this is going pretty well so far.  Not that I'm not a Christian or that I don't like reading.  It's just the way it is for me.  I'm about 65 pages in.

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