Thursday, November 08, 2012

Rite of Passage

It's never any fun waiting for your little brother to be done when you've gotta go really bad.

Hurrying to the field.

The Shoe!

View from our seats.


Look closely--She indicates both number 1 and number 2.

The beautiful Shoe.
I've been going to OSU football games for quite a few years now.  Like, I've been going so long, I actually remember Chris Spielman and Chris Carter playing in a Buckeye uniform.  I'm very excited that we recently got to share this experience with the kids.  It's probably safe to say that Luke enjoyed the food the most.  Ella paid about as much attention to the game as I did at that age.  Both kids thought it was great that Poppy was also at the game with Uncle Jeff.  Poppy and Jeff were easily talked into going out for dinner afterward.  Poppy lost a bet with me so he had to pick up the tab for all of us at dinner.  You shouldn't have bet against me Dad!!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I was right all along. He did play at Otterbein, just for the other team that day. I was buying anyway. I didn't want my little baby girl to pout in public and in front of the kids.