Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Part of where I'm going, is knowing where I'm coming from

Warning:  Parts of this post will be braggy about the awesomeness that is Ella.  If you don't want to read it, wait a few days and another post will be up)
Dear Ella,
You are almost 9 (9!!).  I've gotta admit...I'm pretty darn stoked about what you've become despite having me as a parent.  Sometimes I look at the other mommies and think "Yeah, this one's mine.  Good luck with yours!"  *snicker, snicker*  Just kidding, I don't really think that!  (psst!  yes, I do)
You have such a kind and beautiful spirit that amazes me.  There is a patience with Luke that is astounding (as his mother, I can acknowledge that your patience with him is truly remarkable).  You only put him in a headlock and punch him sometimes which I consider to be a win.  See also below.

  You always have the correct answer when I ask you if it's better to be pretty on the inside or on the outside.  You're that kid that stuffs 3 pairs of gloves in your pockets when you leave the house so you can distribute them to friends who forgot them at recess.  When doing your dog walking, you always have a treat or two (or thirty) for the 4-legged friend.

You both work hard and play hard (see also below).  You have at least 4 books that you're reading at any given time (one from the school library, the classroom library, your school book club, and one from my library).  I tried to ask you once if you wanted me to stop bringing you one from my library but you looked at me like I was an alien.  I assumed that was a no.  Your teacher gives you harder math than the other kids in your class to challenge you but you thwart her attempts at a challenge by whizzing thru the homework sheets she gives you in two seconds flat.  You're in a book club at school for advanced readers because you really, really like to read.  The book club makes you delve into the pieces of the book like character development, plot development, and new words.  This fall, you really enjoyed soccer and gave a great effort despite the fact that you really, really run like a girl.    Your cheeks were always flushed with effort and you really wanted to win (Team Orange Crush rules!!) which was a first for you in athletics.

You recently heard the news that Santa is *cough cough* less than real.  You took it fairly well (some crying but not outright bawling) and I introduced you to the idea of a bubble bath and candles while eating ice cream straight from the carton in the bathtub.  (Yes, Jeanne, it was Graeter's mint chocolate chip)  Who says I can't teach adequate coping skills?
You're not afraid of anything and love to try new things (given that you feel like you have enough information to consider the probability of injury, enjoyment, and reward).  You've always been my tough-as-nails kid though I think most people would not give you credit for it because you can be quiet and observant rather than loud and impulsive.  People expect you to be shy and timid but that could not be any less what you are. 
Recently, you've been saving your own money by working hard to buy something.  This is the first thing you've ever really worked toward.  I can't wait to watch you achieve your goal.
In short, you're pretty damn awesome.
Your Mom
(and let the hashtags roll...
#superstar #kick ass #my kid #genius #athletics #academia #no Santa #nature vs nurture #killer instinct #inner beauty #go ella)


Gram said...

As her Gram, I can testify that she is all that, and more!! My heart burst with pride knowing I can say, "she's my granddaughter. As a side note: she cheats when we play cards. Just sayin'. Love you, Sweet Stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Ella! We do love that girl! Good brags Mom.

Anonymous said...

from Aunt Annie above :)

Tori :) said...

*sniff* *sniff* *tear* I don't know if Gram got a little weepy at that post, but I sure did. Love that girl so much! ♥