Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Review

This is my first reading of a Gillian Flynn novel.  She has several books out with her current read being a popular book club selection (Gone Girl).  Sharp Objects is about a newspaper reporter from Chicago that goes back to her small hometown to investigate a series of murders.  Let's just say she's not the most sane of narrators and neither is the dysfunctional family you meet along the way.  Think the Waltons meet Dexter.  Recommended for those want to jerk themselves awake, touch their teeth, and smell your drink to make sure someone didn't slip you a mickey.  (Read the book, you'll get it)
 Fictional portrayal of the deportation of the Lithuanian people during the Stalin/WWII era.  Much has been talked about with what happened to the Jews (I also read the Diary of Anne Frank--really good, btw) but they were only part of the heinous actions of that time period.  Insane that any of that could happen in this world.  See also the insanity of this.
 It's a good book and I would recommend it.  Don't pay attention to the fact that it's a young adult book.  Recommended for those who want to expand their Stalin knowledge in an Anne Frank kind of way.

Hey, look!  It's the chick from The Office!  Here's the chronicle of her life so far.  I would say it's not as entertaining as Tina Fey's book, Bossypants, but better than Judge Judy's Beauty Fades, Dumb Is Forever.  I enjoyed the perspective she provided as an Indian American growing up around the same time period I did.  It reinforced to me that the more people are different, the more they are the same.  Recommended for those who want to read another autobiography of someone then think "I could write this stuff about my youth but then who would read it besides my mom?"
I gotta admit. I kinda skimmed this one and only read the parts I found interesting. In a nutshell, there's a lot to be learned from stiffs but beware that there is an unglamorous side to having research done on you. Like the part where they use a table saw to slice your head from your neck then gently peel your face skin away from the rest of your lump to get at the meat of your noggin . You also might have your soulless shell tossed into materials like compost to see how fast you decay when exposed to certain types of bugs and what not.  Recommended for those who think CSI crime scenes are for wusses. 
This book was really bad.  It tried too hard and felt like a lame combination of a better written book, Mortified, and those horrible Sex and the City movies (you know, the one where they painfully went to Abu Dhabi, rode camels, and complained about Big yet again). I didn't bother to finish it so I would recommend it for no one but my neighbor who can't remember my name.

This one is next up, I think.  It's not my normal style but let's see how it goes.

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