Monday, December 19, 2011


Sometimes this guy right here comes up with some doozys. Like when I took this picture of him drinking a milkshake. He said "This is so hard to suck that it makes my eye do this." See also freaky, turned in eye.

Or when I bought a can of Chef Boyardee and he had some of it over the weekend. He said "Is this Chef Boyardee?" I said "Yup." He blissfully said "He's my favorite chef."

Or like a couple weeks ago when he asked me "So when do I get to see this naughty list?" I said "Why? Do you think there's going to be an issue come Christmas?" He said "I'm pretty sure I'm ok but I'd like to know for sure." I said "Why don't you just pretend like you're on the naughty list and are trying really hard to get on the nice list by being extra well behaved." He paused and said "I'd rather just see the list."

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Tori said...

You taught that boy how to do that eye trick. You have no one to blame but yourself. ;)