Monday, December 05, 2011

Pics of my finished living rooms for my Mom

As much as my Mom has recovered, she still has unfortunately not been able to come into my new house. (Timeline: Sometime in late Feb/early March 2011, we decided we wanted to buy our new house. Mom drove by it a few times and Dad came in it once before she went into the hospital.) She's not able to get into my house since her release because there are too many stairs to navigate. She likes to be updated on Aron's progress but I thought I would post some pictures, too. We have plans to build a ramp or something in the spring so keep your calendars open...we might need a little help.

As a side note, the yellow color in the pics is not quite right (sorry, you'll just have to picture a different yellow, Ma)

**Footnote: Aron bought the trio of paintings for me for our anniversary from a woman on Etsy. They are perfect!


mom said...

Thanks for the pictures of your house. I'll get in one of these days!

Tori said...

it looks SO DIFFERENT from the last time I saw it! you guys are so good at this remodeling/redecorating stuff. and kudos to Ron for the Etsy purchase! i need to get down there and see it in person. :)