Monday, December 19, 2011

Coney Island is in Ohio?!?!

They're pretty excited about the prospect of Coney Island being in Ohio....can you tell?

That's right! The Coney Island Diner of sunny Maaaaaaansfield! Aron had been there before but the rest of us had not. It's super cute and in the middle of downtown Mansfield. A fun little side fact is that my Grandma grew up in downtown Mansfield. My Mom's family lived there until she was in early grade school (second grade maybe?? I'm sure she'll correct me if I'm wrong.) Also, sorry Jack and Connie but my roots don't go very far back on this side of my family tree.
A fun little side fact: I did not enjoy coleslaw until I was pregnant with Luke and my hormones made me want it really bad. I also enjoy cream cheese now thanks to Luke.

My cod sammy with tons of pickles (me likey) and some fries.

Aron's meatloaf sandwich with fries.

Notice the complete lack of teeth for one of these individuals.

Ella said he was hogging the shake because he had two straws and she only had one.

Someone else got in on the action, too.

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Tori said...

So, if the coleslaw and cream cheese thing stuck, how's come the baked beans thing you had when you were pregnant with Ella didn't? Hormones are weird. (As an aside, this made me think of me picking the tomatoes out of my Buckeye Express chili and you picking the beans out of yours. And Daryle yelling at us for it.)