Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trikeathon 2011

He's the one giving the "all systems go" (aka the thumbs up)
He's the goofball right in the middle with the brown Tom and Jerry tshirt on the red trike.

Yup, that's him.

Way out ahead of the pack. Speed? He is speed.

Luke did a trikeathon at his preschool on Friday. I was unable to go but Aron went in my place.
Luke did more laps than any of the other kids (16) and he had a BLAST!

Luke was seriously p.o.'d when he realized a couple weeks ago that Grammie would not be able to attend. Don't worry, she still managed to make a flat donation. Good thing she didn't pay by the lap!

Enjoy the video. I think you'll be able to pick him out by the speed he's going. You'll see what I mean...


Lauren said...

I think Luke would be the perfect one to teach Natalie to ride her trike. She's not interested in having me help her but cutie Luke might be able to convince her that it's cool!

Jeanne said...

ok, that last comment was from me, Jeanne. I guess my brother must have been using my computer last night when he was at my house and left it logged into Lauren's gmail account!