Monday, May 23, 2011

Mom update--things are rolling along

I haven't updated in a while mostly because there hasn't been a ton to talk about. Mom's still in the LTAC (long term acute care) where she will likely be for a month or so. After that facility, she will be released to the nursing home rehab place where she was before.

She has gone for long periods of time with no machine helping her breathing but eventually, she gets tired and needs to use it again. She has a thingy (love that technical name) that she can use with the trach that helps her talk. Her voice is still pretty raspy even with the thingy but when you consider she hasn't really used her vocal cords since the end of March, it's not too bad.

She's still fairly swollen in her feet and hands which seems to come and go. Her renal function (kidneys) isn't awesome but is holding steady. It's complicated but the doctor thinks that the lasix they are giving her for the swelling is messing with her kidneys so hopefully, it's still just temporary.

She had a nasty rash last week but it's gone now. Who knows what the cause was but it's gone now (yay!)

She's in decent spirits but hanging out with Dad on a daily basis is taking a toll on her (KIDDING! Yeesh!). She's very thankful for all the cards--seriously it's a HUGE stack of at least 50 or maybe more--and I'm sure she'd love some more as she continues to plod on through recovery. Feel free to send more to her house or my house. Just let me know if you need an address by commenting or sending an email to me.

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