Monday, May 09, 2011

Love me, love me (say that you love me)

With Mother's Day yesterday, I wanted to share something someone told me a few months ago about the kids. This person told me that my kids were the most well-adjusted and genuinely happy kids she had ever seen. Sure, I think the kids are superstars but it was nice for someone else to acknowledge their awesomeness, too.

As a new parent, you notice right away that people are very quick to be critical about what you should and should not do with kids in how you raise them:

Give them a bath every day? Shame on you that's too much; you'll dry their skin

Give them a bath once a week? Shame on you! Why would you let your baby be dirty?

Letting them cry it out in the crib? Shame on you! How could you not cuddle and love on that baby?

Letting them be held every time to fall asleep? Shame on you! How can you spoil that baby?

Believe me when I say this is just a small sample of the criticisms you will get. You can do nothing right to please everyone because everyone's style of raising children is different.

Too infrequently, do people stop to give you a sincere pat on your back. You really want to compliment someone for Mother's Day? Don't give them a card or flowers or a "Hey, Happy Mother's Day," think of a way to give them a personalized compliment about the job they are doing. Find something that you truly believe they are doing well and tell them you've noticed it.

Full disclosure: I am that weirdo that sees a crazy-eyed Mom with a toddler in full meltdown mode in a grocery store who tells her that it's ok, we've all been there, the tantrum phase will not last forever, and no, you're not crazy for wanting to give this child away to a band of gypsies.

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Con said...

Annie, I've done that too! Because I had a Mom do that to me when Jack was little and having a meltdown in a store. I felt like everyone was staring at me. An older woman came up to me, patted me on the back and said "It's ok. We've all been there and, no, we don't think you are abusing him because you aren't buying him what he wants." She smiled and walked away. I felt so much better! So, now I do that too! And, you are a great Mom, Annie!!