Monday, September 27, 2010

Quick craft: Fun ballerina skirt edition

Your supplies: a rotary cutter and mat (you could use scissors, too, but a rotary cutter is easier), 3 yards or more of tulle (the pink and black materials), a measuring thing (not shown), and 1" elastic.
Fold your tulle a few times on top of your mat. You could also cut the layers one by one but this way is faster.

Measure over a couple inches with your measuring thing (can't remember what this thing is called.)
Use your rotary cutter to cut 2 inch strips of all the tulle.
Go into your daughter's bedroom and secretly measure her waist with the elastic while she's sleeping.
Cut the elastic an inch or so smaller than what you just measured (it stays up better that way) and then sew it together. You'll probably want to go back and forth a couple times to make sure it is super secured.
Tie the 2" strips of tulle around the elastic band.
More and more tied strips around and around.
Finished skirt. You could put more tulle on it if you want--just depends on how full you want it.
Total time on project: Less than one hour
Total cost of project: Around $7 (elastic was around a dollar, tulle was $6, plus the cost of thread). I used a shiny tulle which was 50 cents more a yard than the regular stuff. Using the regular stuff cuts $1.50 out of your price making this around a $5 project. Too fun!!


Con said...

No fair!! ( I say as I stomp my foot!!) I will never be able to make one of these for my kids! Or at least make one and have them wear it in public. And, I don't think it would look good on me. Why can't boys have cute things like this?

Anonymous said...

Con, maybe you could borrow Ella's when she is asleep!!!