Saturday, September 04, 2010

Bento Box Dork

Top left corner and clockwise: frozen go-gurt (they're really good, btw, although I wish they came a little bit healthier like with real fruit chunks in them. A girl can dream, right?), squeezable applesauce, a big marshmallow with dried fruit under it, a mini brownie cupcake with cinnamon chips sprinkled in beside it, cucumber sticks and carrot sticks, and bite sized string cheese. In the middle, is a container of ranch dressing.

Has anyone else heard of Bento Boxes for school lunches? (Sometimes I pop into this blog to see how she's bento-ing her kids' lunches. Check it out if you don't know what bento lunches are.) I believe it's a Japanese concept but has recently been creeping into American lunch boxes but don't quote me on it. I use a reuseable sandwich container (that's the blue square container above) along with reuseable heart shaped cupcake containers to hold the little goodies.
Ella has a hard time with being able to eat her lunch in the short time alloted at her school because she likes to yackity yack with her buddies instead of focusing on eating her lunch. It takes her even longer if she has to open packages like granola bars or even getting a straw into a juice box.
I gave it a shot one day and she really liked it. She likes all things cute and little. This is a picture of her second day of bento. The stuff I've done so far is very simplistic. Some Moms get more complex with giving their kids cheese cut into shapes (*cough, cough* Too much time on their hands *cough, cough*) or doing a theme for the bento (*cough, cough* overachievers *cough, cough*). I've just been using what's on hand. To drink, she likes to take a big thing of water. It's her favorite drink.

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