Saturday, September 04, 2010

Eat me

You'll need these ingredients plus whatever else you need to make the brownies (like eggs, oil, and water).
Make brownies according to the directions. Sometimes, if I'm really feeling crazy, I substitute cold coffee for the water to enhance the chocolate flavor. Once the baked brownies get out of the oven, immediately start shoving the peppermint pattys in rows while it is still hot.

Push down ever so carefully as to not put a big fingerprint in the middle of the candy.
Look at all those nice, neat rows of candies!

Don't forget to toss all those pesky wrappers in the trash.
Once they cool completely, cut the brownies with a plastic knife which is the key to getting clean edges.
Super yummers.
Don't forget to grab an extra candy for the cook.
You could probably do the same thing with any variety of mini candies (Reese's cups, snickers, whatever you have on hand)

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