Thursday, September 16, 2010


When should I start letting Ella walk home from school by herself? We live about a block away from school and she would have to cross one street to get to our house. I never walked to school myself so I have no reference.

What do you think? Vote now.


Dawn F. said...

Whatever you decide.... be aware that there had been sexual predators living in the area. You'll want to check online - there is a website that you can enter a county and they'll give you name, address, and pics of the individuals.
Dustin is in the 5th grade this year and I still won't have him dropped off at home by himself - he goes to a neighbors until we get home.

Scary times.

Gram said...

Not as long as Gram is on this earth! I agree with Dawn. I know she is capable. It's all the other factors that scare me. Enough said.

Krystal said...

Maybe in college. Although, the buddy system would still be a good idea then too, esp after dark.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry her father will be walking her to school until she is a senior.