Thursday, September 16, 2010

Negative Nellie

Ella's been in school roughly a month at this point. I would like to take a moment to complain about a few things that bug me so far.

~They have a weird new drop off system. School starts at 7:55. If you drop your kid off between 7:35 and 7:45 they are to enter through a set of side doors and report to the gym where they will be divided up by class to wait to disperse to their classrooms. Once 7:45 hits, the side doors are locked and your child will be unable to enter there. Instead, they should go to the main entrance where a teacher will have them wait outside while the kids that were formerly in the gym are now walking to their classrooms. At around 7:50 or whenever the gym kids are out of the hallway, the main entrance doors will be unlocked and the kids waiting outside with the teacher can then enter the building and go to their room. Confused? Yup. Me, too. Just wait until it's winter and the kids have to wait outside in 15 degree weather.

~Ella has homework every single night with the exception of Friday. Usually it's a couple worksheets and a book to read to me.

~I have to sign every single piece of homework she does. Seriously. Every sheet. If I don't sign it, she gets no credit for it. Oh and homework doesn't count toward her grade. It's just a bonus.

~I feel like I know nothing about what she's doing. I'm not allowed to walk her to her classroom this year as part of a tightening on security at the school. I've met her main teacher once and the other teacher (she's in an inclusion classroom that has another additional teacher) I met once in passing.

Ella's complaints about first grade:
~Only one recess

~No snacks.


Con said...

I'm with you! There is some weird stuff that goes on in schools now. I don't remember having homework in 1st or 2nd grade! I have to sign a notebook every night. And, I think I need to schedule an apt. to talk to the teacher. Augh!!

Dawn F. said...

I can say it gets easier once they make to 5th - I am actually thinking Dustin is forgetting stuff because he has so little homework at this point.

There was always a lot each year until now. Some nights it felt like it took an hour or so.