Saturday, June 05, 2010

Kroger's Rewards Cards Have Nothing on Us!

The plush version of the Littlest Pet Shop (Recognize the shirt, Jeanne and Krystal?)

We have a winner!!

We went to Meijer's the other night for an end of the school year reward. Both Ella and Luke behaved very well in school. Ella didn't have to "flip her card" even one time this year. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a behavior chart based on a system of smiley faces. If you're good in school, your card on the board is a big smiley face. If you act up a little bit, you have to turn your card to a face with a wiggly line as the smile (I personally think this smiley face looks a bit queasy like it's going to throw up but no one asked me) and if you act up a bunch, you have to turn your card to a frowning face. As a reward for her good behavior, we told her to pick out any toy and she could have it. After what felt like 3 hours, this was her selection--the Littlest Pet Shop set of kitty triplets. She said she had seen it advertised on TV and had been wanting the set for a long time. She would already like her next year's reward to be the Littlest Pet Shop set of bunny triplets and the year after that will be the Littles Pet Shop set of doggy triplets.

Luke got to select a toy for good behavior, too. He was very good at school this year (except for that little bit at the beginning of the year when he didn't want to go and would cry when he got there and the one time that he ate some Smarties in class without permission but those are pretty minor) and I would've taken a picture of his toy but my camera battery ran out before he was able to finalize a selection (read into that that it took him 10 hours to pick a toy). He ended up going with some sort of alien dinosaur thing from the TV show Ben 10.

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Tori :) said...

E made an excellent selection. Kitty triplets are the way to go. Ben 10 stuff is nifty, too.