Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fun quiz

I quizzed the kids a little today. I'll give you the questions and answers (along with their little musings about answers). Luke is Child #1 and Ella is #2. Could you predict their answers?

What's your favorite animal? 1. Elephant. 2.Elephant. ("Hey! You can't copy my answer you knew I was going to say elephant so you said it first just to say it first.")

What's your favorite food? 1.Popsicles. 2.Chicken nuggets.

What's your favorite restaurant? 1.McDonald's. 2.Taco Bell. ("McDonald's. No wait, Taco Bell. No wait, that old guy with the beard that uses the big box for his Happy Meals. ("KFC?") No wait, Taco Bell. Yes. Taco Bell. I love tacos. Can we have that for dinner?")

What's your favorite toy? 1.My sleeping bag. ("A sleeping bag is too a toy, Mommy. I use it to make a fort in my bed and play like it's a pool and dive into it.") 2. Littlest Pet Shop
What's your favorite sport? 1.Football (Cause Daddy likes to watch it). 2.T-Ball ("Cause I get to play it with Grace and she's my best friend.")

Bath or shower? 1.Bath. 2.Bath and shower.

Favorite TV show? 1.Scooby Doo. 2.Phineas and Ferb
Favorite Ice Cream flavor? 1.) Orange Sherbert 2.) Cookies and Cream


Jeanne said...

Very funny! I like how they managed to work in a request for Taco Bell for dinner.
My brother recently introduced me to Phineas and Ferb but I wasn't impressed. I swear he got Carter hooked on it just because he actually enjoys watching it himself. He sits there laughing at it the same annoying way he used to sit and laugh when watching Beavis and Butthead.

Neo Nikhil said...
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Con said...

Ah, come on Jeanne! You don't like Phineas and Ferb? "104 days of summer vacation..." Actually, I have to be in the right mood for it, but sometimes it's really funny.