Monday, June 28, 2010


Vintage Aron, Annie, Ella, and Luke circa November 2005

So somehow I've managed to lose my camera (again) and have resorted to vintage family pix (again). I lost it sometime after we visited COSI and Jeni's Ice Cream (might I strongly suggest the Riesling Poached Pear) with Auntie T and her mom, Granny Lanny. I'm sure it will turn up someday.

We went to the Olentangy Caverns today which was great (but again, no pictures cause I had no camera). The kids (plus Myles but minus Chase) a blast. We went to Taco Bell after the tour of the caverns where I introduced the kids to the concept of the mixed drink. That's right. I let them combine any types of pop plus fruit punch, lemonade, etc to make a tasty drink all in one cup. Then they had a competition the entire way home as to who had made the best combination. Myles loves all things taught to him by his beloved Aunt Annie.

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