Wednesday, June 02, 2010

You and me goin fishin in the dark...where the green grass grows...

Jenny and Tommy

I'll stand next to you and smile but I'm not holding that thing, sweetie, so quit pointing it at me.

The smile feels a bit less than genuine I think because she thought she was going to have to hold it.

Yup, I caught this thing.

Totally want another one...


This is the second time they've ever been fishing but yet they seem to have the walk down

Ok so we didn't fish in the dark but we were where the green grass grows (does anyone remember this song besides me? I didn't know it until I was in college and Aron and Robin made me listen to it. It kinda grows on you but don't tell them I said that.) but we did have a great time a couple weeks ago hanging out with our friend, Jenny, and her kiddo, Tommy (cutest little kid ever but don't tell my kids I think that--wink wink nudge nudge).

Quick little fun facts about Jenny:
-She lives in Illinois (boo!) but still has a Buckeye license plate (yay!)
-I've known her since sometime before Jr High when we were in the same REACH program in school. That's right, Jenny, enjoy your little flashback to Mrs. Miller in all her awesome glory.
-Aron swam with her in a YMCA program as a young child.
-Aron lived with her for a couple years while in college.
-Jenny is awesome and the kids have already asked (and asked and asked and asked) when she's coming back.
-I usually try to ask her about how work is but instantly forget about everything she tells me. Mostly cause I'm a social sciences kinda gal (think psychology) and she's a hard sciences kinda gal (think mechanical engineering and such) and I mostly want to focus on how the job makes her feel and all that other touchy feely crappola that she hates (You miss me already, Jenny!).


Tori :) said...

I remember that song. I also remember how my visit came before Jenny's, yet her pictures went up first...

Annie said...

Zip it, T. You went up first but I just didn't go on and on about you like I did Jenny. Remember the post "Donde esta aqui?" or "Recital 2010 has come and gone"? I believe I see your pix in both of those, Missy.

Tori :) said...