Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garage Sale Leftovers

So we had our garage sale a few weeks ago. I gathered some of our things to sell in our living room (yes, that's a box of it in the picture but those were our "to keep as keepsakes" pile). Luke happened upon this outfit. I told him about how when he was a baby he wore the outfit and he was sooooo cute etc, etc. I didn't think much of it and tossed it in the to sell pile (sorry Mom but I can't keep everything) and went into the kitchen to grab some water. I came back in and this is what he looked like. The outfit is a size 0-3 months. Is it sad that your 3 year old can still (somewhat) fit into a 0-3 month size outfit???

1 comment:

Tori :) said...

ohmygosh. he's in capris and a tummy top. stop the madness!!