Monday, August 21, 2006

A Weekend of Firsts for Luke

I think Luke's been saving some things for this weekend with Aunt Annie. First of all, he has a new tooth! This is the first tooth in quite a while and he's been working on getting it FOREVER!

Second of all, he had his first kiss!! At the museum, there was a maze for babies to crawl around in. He had a great time with all the other babies crawling around and giggling. It happened while he was crawling around with the other babies. A little girl (probably a couple months younger than Luke) crawled up to him and they laughed at each other for a minute then she leaned over and kissed him. Just like that! He sat there kind of stunned for a minute then started to laugh and crawled away. She crawled after him but couldn't quite catch up to him again. I told her not to waste her time because he'd just break her heart. My kid--the pint sized Romeo. Who knew?

Third of all, he learned how to crawl up steps. Aunt Annie has 3 steps leading down into her kitchen. Aron was SUPPOSED to be watching him (aka he wasn't really watching him that close but kept telling me that he was watching him but whatever) when all the sudden he was at the top of the stairs. I kept hoping that he was going to learn how to walk while he was there but he just wasn't quite ready. Maybe the next time he sees Aunt Annie...

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