Monday, August 07, 2006

Oh the sickness!

Ella's really sick now. Last week she had a cough/cold thing but starting on Saturday, she's had a fever and felt yucky. It started after she rode the pony with Steve and Lindy. After she was done riding, she told Lindy she wanted to go home which is really unlike her. We gave her a little bit of tylenol and she seemed to be better. Yesterday morning, we were at my grandparents and all the sudden she got quiet and said she wanted to go home. I felt her forehead and she was burning up. When we got home, I checked her temp and it was 103. Poor baby. So since then its been medicine every 6 hours and bunches of video watching on the couch. She didn't feel good again this morning so I didn't go to work but by 10 she was bouncing around playing with Luke like nothing ever happened. Hopefully, this means that she's on the mend but it may have just been the medicine covering up her sickness. Poor, poor baby.

Lukie has a little cough/cold today, though. I hope that's all he'll get but I guess we'll see...

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