Monday, August 14, 2006

The Weekend in a Nutshell

I went away this weekend with my parents and Robin so Aron was with the kids all by himself Friday and Saturday. He did a good job and seemed like he had a great time. They visited Steve/Lindy and Aron's Granny/Grandpa on Saturday during the day and rented a movie on Saturday night. Ella missed me and didn't really want to talk to me on the phone when I was gone because she was mad I wasn't home. She needed a little extra snuggle when I got home which I was more than happy to provide. I don't think Luke even really noticed I was gone so that was good.

Ella is getting excited about our upcoming weekend at Aunt Annie's. She wants to sleep at her apartment and make cookies there, too. She's been talking about her non-stop and about all the things they are going to do together. She doesn't really mention Uncle Kevin and doing things with him--I think he's just an extra perk that comes along with Aunt Annie.

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