Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No way

Luke is learning more and more every day. Today while with Grammie, he learned how to shake his head no. It's so cute. If you shake your head no, he'll respond with the same. I'm trying to teach him how to nod yes. He can't do it yet. Does that mean he'll always be that "glass half empty" guy vs the "glass half full" guy? Or does it mean that we tell him no too much?

He's also learned to wave. I think he probably could've learned this earlier in his young life but, quite frankly, I wasn't on the ball enough to teach him until this week. Ah, the pitfalls of being the 2nd child. His wave is a little stiff, though, and looks a little Hitler-esque because he ends up kind of pointing the tips of his fingers toward your head and holds his thumb up close to his palm. I guess he's got the basics down--what more could I ask for?

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