Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No, I'm not kidding but I wish I was

Kevin, Ella, Annie, and Luke. Ella and Annie are showing off their tatoos they put on together.

On Sunday, we went out with Kevin and Annie one last time at a Mediterranean restaurant for lunch. After lunch, it was time for us to head out. Ella and Luke both fell asleep in the car basically the instant they were strapped in the car and didn't wake up again until we hit Ohio nearly 3 hours later. Woo! Score! They were soon hungry and it was time for us to make a pit stop for some chow. Aron decided that it was his turn to pick what we ate--I saw a devilish look come upon his face as he told me that we were "going to the House." I quickly glanced around and saw that there was a Waffle House within his sight. Darn! I hate Waffle House. Anyhoos, we ate/let the kids run around at the Waffle House. We got back in the car and Ella told Aron that her belly didn't feel good. I was driving so he took care of her. He got her some juice and then he decided it would be a good idea if he used the graham cracker box as a makeshift throw up holder just in case she decided to throw up. He then proceeded to demonstrate for her that if she needed to throw up, to use the box. I had to listen to 10 minutes of fake heaving in the box from him then another 10 minutes from Ella. They both thought they were hilarious each time they pretended to chuck in the box. Yeah, they're a real riot alright.

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