Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Quick, brief update for Mom

The ventilator is out! She spoke a few words to my Dad. She still has a lot of "pneumonia stuff" in her lungs but things are looking up! Very excited to have her achieve this milestone and we continue to pray for her in this transition.
As an FYI, I think I might be having some problems with my cell phone ringing when someone calls. I've been getting voice mails when the phone hasn't actually rang and it's not showing up that I missed a call. So, if you need me, don't rely on me seeing that I missed a call. Leave a voice mail and I'll get back to you or try again.


Con said...

Yeah for your Mom!! So glad she has that thing out and is able to communicate! Be nice to her and don't give her too much crap:)

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Great news for your family, Annie!! Continued prayers ~

Dawn said...

Glad to hear the progress your mom is making... you've been on my mind.