Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's a beautiful day both outside and inside

It was gorgeous outside today. Aron and I decided to take a "day of rest" and not visit my Mom at the hospital for the first time in two weeks. We did some laundry (wow did we need that), dishes (yikes it was scary in there), took big naps (can you say "exhausted"), and took the kids to the park. I told Dad to call me if anything big happened with Mom and we would be right there. Well, something big ended up happening.
She was moved out of ICU. And you know what it means when you get out of ICU and go to the regular part of the hospital, right? Right? Right?
We hopped in the car and took a little drive to see her new digs with the kiddos. When we told them where we were going, it was like it was Christmas. Imagine a lot of whooping and little arms being waved in the air. They were a little shy for about 30 seconds because Grammie looks a little different (nasal cannula, IV bag, etc.). Soon Luke was sitting on the end of her bed tickling her feet and she was kicking him back. Good therapy for everyone involved. Mom should still be there a few more days then she'll be off to her rehab facility to get her working out started. I'll let everyone know when Dad finalizes her location for cards and visitors but you can still send them to their house or mine in the mean time.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Such good news for you all! Those kids will be her best medicine!

Con said...

Yeah! Bet the kids and Grammie were super happy! Once she woke up, things started moving along, it sounds like. Happy for all of you!!