Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wild thing....I think I love you...

A herd
I think this was a moose** that I was petting but I'm not sure.
Come over and eat my food, please. I am waiting ever-so-patiently.


A rare white zebra

Wow. You're HUGE.

Nice rack, Mr Moose**

What pretty eyes you have, Mr. Moose**

Nice horns, Mr. Texas Longhorn

Wow, the horns really are impressive up close.

Ok, so not all of the animals were wild but when you watch a gigantic Longhorn or buffalo poke his head in your car, it's a little intimidating. I may or may not have thrown a carrot out the window in a temporary moment of freak out. You can't prove anything (unless you ask Myles about it because it may have been his carrot that I yanked from his unwilling hand. He's still a little bitter about the situation.).

**Since completing this post a couple days ago, I was informed by our resident wildlife expert, Connie, that these are actually ELK and not MOOSE. She even used these 2 websites as a brief explanation of the differences. Click on MOOSE and ELK. Yes, she really did supply these websites as tutorials.

I am still semi-confident I got the Texas Longhorn and buffalo correct. I'm also fairly certain that I am a human and not an orangutan but the jury is still out on that one.


Con said...

At least I learned something on my family vacations, while growing up! I bet your Dad is proud of me! I just did not want you to be confused between a moose and an elk - their antlers are totally different! Didn't you ever watch Rockie and Bullwinkle? Bullwinkles antlers did not look like the antlers in your post. I wanted to clear up the confusion. And, you are welcome:)

Annie said...

Zip it, Con, before I find those pictures of you from your 40th birthday party and post them on here.

Con said...

Consider it zipped!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Con for setting her straight before I did. She was sound asleep in the back seat of the car on those educational trips. Rosie, your human, I was there for all the events that counted - and you did not get switched in the hospital either. :~)