Sunday, July 25, 2010

This trip was sponsored by Ella

The winner and her prize
Hey! You got any food down there?

Yup. We've got a little.
I could use a little dessert
Ella (and Luke) participated in a summer reading program at a local library (Grammie's). Ella was lucky enough to win one of the end of the year prizes because she completed the weekly reading goal and attended the weekly entertainment. Her prize was a VIP free carload pass for the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton. With the pass, you could go thru the safari all day with up to 6 people, food to feed to the animals, and camel and pony rides for the kids.
It was a blast! The kids loved it!
I'll post more with the other animals separately but I thought the giraffe deserved a little extra attention. He was so cute!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Isn't that the most fun place to take kids? We took my Seattle grandkids a couple of weeks ago ~ a great little side trip!! How did your look when you were done?!!

Annie said...

Yucky! The inside of the car was full of animal feed and the outside was completely smeared with buffalo snot because we ran out of food and put the windows up. Apparently, they still try to poke their faces in the window even when they're closed!