Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This is crazy...here's my number...call me, maybe

Taken from Facebook so if we're friends there, you've already seen this but it's worth sharing here so it can make it in the book version of the blog.
The following is a true conversation that occurred on my phone after Tori gave Ella a huge bag of scented sprays from Bath and Body Works:
Tori: When I got out of the grocery store I had a voicemail that said, "This is Ella. Call me back, please." So I did.
Ella: "Mommy is trying to take some of the Bath & Body Works bottles, but you said they were for me."
 T: "Okay... Could I talk to your mom for a second so I can get her story?"
E: "Okay." (Puts her mom on the phone)
 T: "What are you trying to take?"
Annie: "She's mean, Tori! I just want two bottles and you said I could have some of them. I think two bottles is fair because she has, what, eleven? But she won't share. Mean, I tell you!"
 T: "You do realize you're whining, right? Put your kid back on, lemme see what I can do."
(Annie puts Ella on the phone)
 T: "Don't you think it's probably fair to let Mommy have those two bottles since you have so many others? How about it?"
E: "She can have ONE."
 T: "Let's go with two, since she was nice enough to bring you with her on Saturday so you could get that stuff."
E: *sigh* "Okaaay."
(Puts Annie back on phone)
Annie: "She said okay but she didn't mean it."
 T: "Dude. She's going to let you have them."
A: (to Ella) "You got told, kid."

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