Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chase-ing Me Around Town

(I actually wrote this a few days ago but I did it on Ella's kindle and accidentally erased it somehow.  Stupid kindle.)
Chase and I got to hang out about a week ago or so.  Both Ella and Luke were in school that day so it was up to me (and only me!!) to entertain him. 
First we went to story hour at the library...

McDonald's for lunch...

 Came home and he helped put stamps on my Christmas cards and seal the envelopes...(sorry if your card was sticky or the stamp was a little off kilter)

Look at the look on Kiki's face.  Can you tell how much she
*cough cough*
loves a little boy with sticky candy cane covered fingers??
Then we went back to McDonald's for sundaes with Ella, Luke, and our friend, Landon.

L to R: Ella, Chase, Landon, Luke

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