Sunday, April 15, 2012

A brief experiment in the range of toddler emotions

The kids and I stumbled on this old video. Luke was 2 and about 3 months and Ella was just a little over 4. He was excessively verbal for 2 (if you know him at 6, this is no surprise). I personally love where he tried to lick the camera without me noticing and his big, expressive eyes when he asked me to kiss his boo boo.

(please ignore the fact that he's in his underwear. I couldn't get that kid to wear pants to save my life when he was that age.)

For about 12 seconds, you get goofiness and silly sounds.
For about 6 seconds, you get joy at ripping his sister's artwork.
From about second 28 to 34, you get goofiness again and trying to lick the camera.
From about 36 to 50 seconds, you get funny laughter.
From about :52 to 1:16, you get fake drama with the mark of a marker that I specifically remember had been there for at least an hour.
From there until 1:43, you get outrage and the anger only a toddler can produce.
1:44 to 1:56, you get pathetic sadness and the need for boo-boo kissing.
Then from about 1:57, it comes back to anger until we complete our 2 minute study.

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Gram said...

SUCH A CUTIE. How I love those munchkins!