Tuesday, April 10, 2012

He Was Just a Skinny Lad, Never Knew No Good From Bad**

(**You should be able to ID this song, Pearl, even though you stopped listening to the popular rock and/or roll in 1982)

I'm sorry, Kiki.

I will probably have to apologize to you every day for the rest of your life for bringing you into this family. I see your future and it is bleak. We all know what happened to Jane, right? If you don't know what happened to Jane, here's the short of it:
Mentally unstable kitty + 2 small children=kitty nervous breakdown
Jane did ok when it was just one toddler involved (Ella) but she had a harder time, ehem, adapting to two (addition of Luke). I think the final straw was when 2 year old Luke tried to ride her like a horse. (For the record, yes, I stopped this behavior...I couldn't afford a large vet bill--KIDDING!!). Jane eventually went a little crazy and had to be shipped off to live at Lindy's house where she could roam free with no small children and not have continuous panic attacks and raging bouts with IBS. I'm not really kidding about the panic attacks...we even tried an herbal kitty Xanax but it didn't work (true story).

KiKi is an outdoor/indoor kitty. We try to make sure she comes in at night so she can have a nice, cushy place to sleep peacefully. Last Friday, I called and called for her to come inside when it got dark out but she never came. We got up the next morning and she still wasn't at the door which is very unusual for her. I asked the kids if they had seen her and both said they had not. The morning rolled along and still no KiKi. After a while, I told Luke that I wanted to take him shopping so he needed to change his clothes. I ran upstairs and opened his drawer to grab a shirt for him. From inside Luke's pajama drawer I heard a muffled "Merrr-ow." I slid the drawer open and lo and behold, there was our beloved kitty curled up and waking up from a snooze. I scooped her out and took her downstairs to where Luke was and asked if he knew anything about the fluffy kitty in his drawer. He looked at her and said "Whoops! I forgot!" Upon further investigation, he said she had climbed into his pajama drawer when he had it open on Friday. He then shut the drawer when he needed something from the one under it and then forgot to reopen it to let her out.

So the bad news is that poor KiKi spent 12+hours shut in a drawer thanks to The Boy. The good news is that KiKi is mentally healthy enough that she didn't really care.

Bonus good news is that she didn't have to "use the facilities" while she was incarcerated if you know what I'm saying.

Enlarge the picture--I think Jane might be glaring at the camera but you make the call.
I'll just apologize a bunch in advance KiKi.

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tollyfaye said...

hahahahahahaha! I can even here in my head the "oops I forgot!