Thursday, November 17, 2011

Party Rockers in the House Tonight...

I just realized I never posted pictures of the awesome pumpkins that Robin (and I guess I did a couple, too) carved for our party.

I did this's meant to be the pumpkin version of The Scream by Munch

What can I say...I tried.
Rob did this one (a spider)

I did this one--it's supposed to be an artistic-looking "boo" Can you see it?

Rob did this trio of ghosts

Rob free handed this haunted house (show off)

I did this one along with one for Ella but I forgot to get a pic of Ella's. Note to self: Carve pumpkins with your nephew's names on them next year to avoid extended rounds of tears from said nephews.

Rob did this one.

One of the candles blew out on the right but otherwise this is what my front steps looked like Halloween night.

As always, click on the pic to enlarge.

Next year, I think I may have to bring some adult beverages to our carving party.

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Con said...

These looked really awesome at the party!! Great job to both of you! If I had an adult beverage in hand, I'd lift it to you!