Sunday, August 07, 2011

Field trip--Canoeing edition

L to R: Ella, Luke, Allie, Arlene, and Vincent
Ice cream face, Ella

Luke with a black hole for a mouth.

Ice cream noses: Allie, Luke, Ella, Vincent

Preparing to canoe

Swimming at the beach

A couple weeks ago, we teamed up with our old friends, Arlene and Vincent, as well as a new buddy, Allie, to go canoeing. Sorry, I have no pictures of the actual canoeing. It was super fun, no one tipped over, and many fish were fed goldfish crackers as we ate our lunch in the canoe.

After the canoeing, we went to Alum Creek State Park for a bit of swimming at their beach. When the splashing and general hijinx were completed, we went for ice cream.