Monday, May 03, 2010

Self Love

There was a lot of self-picture taking. I do that a lot virtually everywhere I go but it was a new experience for the rest of them. They all made fun of how many pictures I took (imagine taunts of "tourist" and "papparazzi" ) but yet somehow all of them wanted to see my camera at the day's end. Stinkin wannabes.
We spent a while trying on sunglasses in the shops along Venice Beach.
On the beach by Santa Monica Pier (not sure what Susan's doing to my head with her hand, though)

Hanging on Santa Monica Pier

Please click on the picture to enlarge what was written on it.

A.F. phone home?

Out on a hike (L to R: Susan, me, Krystal, and Jeanne) in an area known to house rattlesnakes (we live on the edge)

Still on our hike but out of the rattlesnake zone (L to R: Krystal, me, Susan, and Jeanne)
Me on the plane after traveling all day

On the plane with Jeanne (notice that we're both still smiling--a key indicator that it was still early in the plane rides)


Con said...

You bought those sun glasses, didn't you? TELL ME YOU BOUGHT THE SUN GLASSES!!!

Annie said...

Sigh. Alas, I did not. Perhaps I should have bought them for you!