Monday, October 05, 2009

Kindergarten Politics

Ella loves kindergarten. She loves learning (she wants to read really, reeeeeeeally bad), hanging out at recess, the homework, and everything else that goes along with it. She even loves the concept of eating lunch in the cafeteria ("It's like going out to eat at a restaurant without you and Daddy.").

She came home from school last week and said that she was super happy that a girl, Silvia, had picked her to help carry the tub of lunch boxes down to the cafeteria because Silvia was the student of the week and it was her job to pick helpers to help her do stuff when she needed a helper (whew. That was her run on sentence, not mine). I told her that was nice of Silvia and that she should make sure to pick her whenever it was her turn to be student of the week. Ella thought about this for a minute and said that she would but she would have to pick her other friends, Grace and Moriah because sometimes they played together at recess. I said that was fine but that eventually, she should pick Silvia, to be nice. She said she would think about it but that she knew she wouldn't be picking any boys.

Today she came home and said she had a new best friend, Reagan, who would be bumping everyone else down the list. So, her selections for helpers goes something like this:

1.) New BFF, Reagan
2.) Grace/Moriah
3.) Moriah/Grace
4.) whoever floats her boat that day
5.) Poor, rejected Silvia

The funny part is that I remember doing this exact same thing when I was her age. Ah, the hours I wasted thinking about the order of my kindergarten best best best friends.

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