Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mother of the Year? Nope, not gonna happen this year either...

(This lack of award for me should be surprising to no one.)

So my kids go to a friend of mine's house on Wednesdays when I go to work.  They love it at Tolly's house. 
Love. It. There.
They love it there because she's awesome and is always willing to let them try new things.  Tolly's very laid back and lets kids be kids.  I tried to channel my inner Tolly the other day.  I ordered bean bag filler to plump up our bean bags.  It came in a gigantic cardboard box so I decided to get crazy by letting the kids get in the box. 

See how happy she was?

This guy got in on the action, too.

See how happy they were?  It was all fun and games until Ella tipped the box.  She landed on her arm on the door frame and this happened...

She also ended up with a gigantic bruise on her arm that looked like I grabbed her by the arm really hard and squeezed/shook her. This is her lying on the couch with a bag of frozen cranberries on the bruise. 
No, I did not take a picture of the actual bruise because, quite frankly, I can't say I wanted to help Children's Services document anything.   

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