Thursday, May 09, 2013

Taking One For the Team

The time finally came for the event Luke has been waiting for...
Aron took Luke camping with his Boy Scout troop group tribe friends last weekend.  He had a blast!  (And by "he" I mean Luke!).  There were s'mores, campfires, tents, sleeping bags, hot dogs, fishing, Star Wars flashlight wars, and all kinds of other little boy excitement.  Apparently, it is a tradition for the entire troop group tribe bunch of scouts to camp together at the local state park. They swarm into the park en masse at 5:30 and have a "leave no trace" policy when you're done.  You know, it was like Burning Man but with scouts instead of hippies.
Aron and Luke's humble home for the night.

Luke with the clump of camping tents in the background.

I have taught Luke well.  He is master of the selfie just
like his mom.

Yup, still doing the selfie.

Not sure why he took this pic but that's
his grubby little hand by the water thingy.

Not sure why he took this one either.  That's his finger, though.

It's always exciting when you get your own clip.

He apparently really enjoyed this water thingy.

Luke's in the middle getting hands on instrux.

They practiced how to fish for 2 hours.  Seriously.  2 HOURS they practiced yet
the kids never got bored.  Luke is in the foreground with the blue sunglasses and brown
 t-shirt on.  He stayed with the group in the beginning but was then placed into remedial
casting with special one-on-one attention.  Only the "special scouts" got
this extra help.  "Special"

After the 2 hours were up, the boys were allowed
to fish.

Ella got in on it a little but I can't say she loved it.

Check out his tongue (click to enlarge if needed)

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