Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hazel update

Readers may recall that on Valentine's Day 2013 we had a new family member arrive in our home.  I'm glad to say that Hazel has been fitting in well with us.  Her limp from the injured leg does not slow her down at all.  She can usually be found snuggling on a lap or right beside you while you're on a couch.
Her only drawback is that she likes to root around in the trash like you would expect from a dog.  She always has food available in our house so I would guess that her previous owners either didn't care if she found her dinner in the trash or that scraps were her dinner.  Poor Hazel.
She was also recently spayed by our vet.  Hazel and Ella were both displeased about her lack of uterus/ovaries and reduction in baby kitten making capability.
Seriously cute.

Yup still cute as a button.

Kitties love clean laundry.


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