Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gettin Our Girly On with Auntie Jenny!

We had our annual Girly Day with my friend Jenny right before the new year.  Ella loves it every year (cause Jenny knows how to have a good time AND because she gets to leave all the boy yuckiness that is her brother at home).  We tried to go to a nail salon to get manis.  There was an hour wait so we decided to go to a make-your-own pottery place after we found there was a wait at the nail salon.

Ella painted an owl piggy bank (no piggy, just owl)

I painted a monkey mug for Luke.

Jenny made a vase.

After the pottery, we went back to the nail salon.  Jenny and I got some sort of a gel mani that's supposed to last a long time.  It's now 2 weeks later and my nails still look great (score!).  The best part is that Ella had a blast.  That Aunt Jenny...she always knows how to show a girl a good time!

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Jenny said...

It was a rockin' good time with the girls...First time painting pottery but def going to again...n best burger in ages....n best mani all year...Alas my mani started to give out around the 2 week mark...which is 13 days longer than normal...double score...thank you for letting me get my annual girly fix...and super Thanks to Aron for chaperoning boys day so I could!