Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Family Date Day: COSI

We had a family date day last week.  Note to self: never, never, never go to COSI during Christmas break.  It was insanely busy!  Despite the extra people and busy-ness, it was still really great to hang out together.  The kids enjoyed the traveling Lego exhibit but were a little sad to see their favorite general exhibit (the room where you walk thru and it makes the walls look like they're spinning around you like a black hole) was not running because of the space needed for it.

The castle behind them was made of Legos.

See the stained glass behind them?  That was actually thin Legos
that were backlit to look like glass.

Lego my dragon

Ella vs some random kid while jousting.

Luke vs a different random kid while jousting.
The last time we went to COSI (I think it was last summer or spring) Ella wanted to try to ride the unicycle across the high wire but made the mistake of wearing flip flops which is a no-no to ride.  This time she was prepared with closed-toe shoes.  She was definitely tall enough (see also below photo.  She's sitting on a bicycle seat attached to the floor.  You had to be able to touch the floor with flat feet to ride.).

Tall enough?  Yup!
While Ella waited in line to ride the cycle, Luke and I kept ourselves otherwise occupied by building some molecules (that's what those black and tan circles are below)...
...And shooting some water in the Ocean section.
About 30 minutes later, she was rolling along.

She was very proud of herself (and so was I!)

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Tori :) said...

I love that they still love the space thing! I remember taking them through that over and over and over when I went with you guys!