Thursday, September 22, 2011

You're gonna wish you...never had met me...

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A couple weeks ago, I went grocery shopping on a Saturday. I felt like being by myself so the kids stayed home. It had been a while since I had gone (don't tell anyone that the kids were living off a box of raisins and a bag of dried navy beans for like three weeks, ok?) so when I came home there was a lot of stuff to carry in. I saw the kids playing in the yard and asked them to help carry in my purchases. Luke was a bit resistent to my pleas for help even after I asked him for the second time. The third request was framed with reasons why I would like his help and that I would not longer be asking in a polite way. Luke responded with:

"I said I don't want to help so just you don't worry about it. Mmm'k?"

Worry about it I shall, Luke. Worry about it I shall.

At that point, I explained to look that he had two choices 1.) He could stand in time out for a really long time--we have hardwood floors and anything over 30 seconds is torture--and think about how what he said to me was inappropriate. Or 2.) He could listen to little story and then we would talk about how it related to the situation on hand.

He chose Option #2.

I told the story about Henny Penny and how she found the wheat seed, planted the wheat, tended it, cut it, made it to flour, then into bread. She asked her friends to help her all along the way but no one would help her until it was time for the fun part--eating. I droned on and on about how Henny Penny was similar to me in that I searched the cupboards for what was needed (virtually everything), wrote a list of needed supplies (on an old homework sheet of Ella's), drove to the store (uphill both ways with no shoes on), bought the items (at Walmart but don't tell Aron), brought the groceries home (to our palace), and needed help unloading groceries (from my wonderful children). I pointed out multiple times along the way that it wasn't fair for him to only get to participate in the fun part of eating the groceries.

At this point he waved his little hand to stop me, carried a couple bags of groceries in, and stood in the corner on his own because he just wanted to get away from Henny and his Mommy.

Circle gets the square, Luke. Circle gets the square.

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Con said...

I love that kid. And Henny Penny. I need to remember that story next time my kids whine about helping me. I just hope Jack doesn't see this and tell me the story next time I whine about helping him.