Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Overheard At Our Dinner Table...

I made Swedish meatballs with egg noodles last night (the kids looooove them, btw. Like super duper love them.). Even thought they enjoy them, there is typically an exchange of food between the kids once I give the ok (once I make sure Ella eats some protein and Luke eats some carbs). Ella took her fork and started reaching into Luke's noodles. He was in no mood to share last night. He blocked her fork with his and said "Hey! Back up! Me and my noodles need some alone time."

Swedish Meatball recipe (how's this for inexact)

1# ground beef

1 palmful of wheat germ

1 egg

1/2 a box of beef broth

1/2 small container of sour cream

Couple big pinches of parmesan cheese

spoonful of garlic paste

couple spoonfuls of cornstarch

Make meatballs by mixing the ground beef, wheat germ, cheese sprinkle, and egg together. Form into a bunch of meatballs (if you're looking for consistency, I like to use a cookie dough scoop to keep them the same size). Heat a big saute pan with a tablespoon of olive oil in the bottom over medium heat. Brown the meatballs on all sides. Once browned, pour the beef broth over the meatballs and cover with a lid for 5 minutes. While the meatballs are steaming, mix the sour cream, parm cheese, garlic, and cornstarch together. After the 5 minutes of cooking, mix the sour cream mixture into the beef broth in the pan. Let thicken a minute or two. Serve over hot egg noodles.

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