Monday, January 17, 2011

Jinjyfest 2011

We had our final round of gingerbread house making this weekend at our house. It was a reunion of some college friends plus some new ones.

Here is my friend, Daryle (think this one's bad, Monty? Just be thankful I didn't get out the ashtray pictures, baby.). He did a lot of watching of football in the living room with Aron in lieu of gingerbread house making but that's ok. We'll still invite him back next year....or at least invite back his lovely wife, Jennifer, and their darling daughter, Breonna.
Here are our new buddies, Arlene, and her son, Vincent. Vincent quickly learned the most important lesson in making a gingerbread house: Make your Mom be labor and you be management. It works well for Ella. Luke watched the festivities and ate more than he actually participated.
Ella with her bud, Auntie T.

Breonna with her Mom (seriously, couldn't you just squeeze on those little cheeks?!)

Frosting covered fingers +Ella+Tori=2 happy chicas

Vincent smeared together some frosting and sugar thus making a nice little sugar scrub for his hands. We told him he had a future in spa ownership. He thought we were crazy.

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