Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Baby, you're a firework...come on let your colors burst...***

***lyrics attributed to Katy Perry

I recently picked up the latest edition of the school newsletter. I don't normally read it very closely (bad parent) but for some reason I decided to read it from cover to cover (and not just look at the pictures). I saw a picture of 10 or so students from the elementary school with a tiny little Ella standing among them. I read the article that went along with the picture and it turns out Ella's artwork has been on display in the local art gallery for the entire month of December.

WHAT?! I just found out about the display on Friday of last week (12/31)! I called yesterday to see if they still had it up even though the exhibit was due to change on 12/31. As luck would have it, he had not changed the display yet and he said it was ok to come. I dropped by earlier today and took a few pictures.

I asked Ella if she knew what "Crayon Resist" was. She said she didn't know so I asked her about how she made the picture. She said she colored these flowers/leaves with crayon then used some type of watercolor paint on top of what she had already done.

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Arlene said...

Hooray for Ella!!!!!