Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Little Miss Insightful

Sometimes I don't give the kids enough credit for thinking logically and knowing what the heck they're talking about. We're getting ready to make a transition from one choice to another in our family. Recently, I sat Ella down to explain to her about this transition and the future choices we would be making. I tried to make it super simple by explaining that although we enjoy the current path we're on, we're exploring another option that we think might be more beneficial to us in the future. I explained how we're trying some new things to see if we like them better than the old things we've been doing. I tried to get it on her level but felt like I was faltering until...

She turned to me and said (no I'm not kidding) "Is it like when I used to really, really like marshmallow sundaes? I really liked them but I didn't know that I also like cookies and cream ice cream because that's all I ate. I like it better than marshmallow sundaes now. I wouldn't have known that if I didn't try a new ice cream. I still like marshmallow sundaes but I know there are other ice creams out there I like."

Yeah. What she said.

(As an aside, she's holding her first ever easy bake oven creation in the picture above. Yes, that's a flower patterned out of sprinkles on the top)

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Starwick Candles said...

Love it! I just hope you aren't going to start selling drugs or something. LOL